REPAIR 2017/2018

NewSETA to host the first African Movement for Democracy (AMD) conference in Cameroon.

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Are you a young Cameroonian below 30 and passionate about peace and democracy work? Apply for the REPAIR training series, 2017/2018 edition.
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Êtes-vous  un jeune camerounais âgé de moins de 30 ans, passionné et engagée à la promotion de la paix et démocratie? Inscrivez-vous pour participer à la 3eme édition du formation REPAIR, 2017/2018.


NewSETA to host the first African Movement for Democracy (AMD) conference in Cameroon.


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Happy Human Rights Day' Let's Enjoy Human rights at Home ... See MoreSee Less

Happy International Human Rights Day. Let's Enjoy Human Rights at Home. Eleanor Roosevelt, the mother of the Universal Declaration, put it best when she said, “Where, after all, do universal human r...

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Watch "Let's Talk" edition of 13 November 2017 on Vision 4 TV, on the need to lower the voting age in Cameroon. NewSETA Director and Program Officer on the Panel
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As Parliament begins it's last ordinary session of the year tomorrow November 14, in Cameroon, NewSETA was invited together with other panelists on the program "Let's Talk" on Vision 4 TV, to discuss the VOTE 18 Campaign. The host was Prince Mundi, and panelists included Ateki Seta Caxton, Noutcha Prudence, Bebey Blaise Abong and another CSO activist. The panel explored different questions relating to the importance of lowering the voting age, the challenges as well as probable factors holding back Parliament from adopting a new legislative framework that guarantees political franchise to 18 year old Cameroonians. Cameroon is the only African country left with minimum voting age of 20. Other countries all have their voting age at 18. The minimum age for criminal responsibility in Cameroon is 10, the age to get married for girls is 15 and that for boys is 18, young people are recruited into the military at 18, they can start working at 18, and with their ID cards can even observe elections at 18. Yet they are not granted the right to vote. If we observe widespread youth political apathy in Cameroon today, we need to examine our policy framework and assess existing lacunae. Political participation increases when there are existing policies in place to enhance it. ... See MoreSee Less

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Repair Day 2,2017/2018
Received Mr.Mbuh Julius from Elections Cameroon.His presentation was on the theme;Electioneering ,Understanding the role and duties of a National Obserever.This presentation was of capital importance as it set the ground for the participants to serve as National observers for the upcoming elections in Cameroon.Understanding the role of Elecam,its mandate and operationilization served as the foundation for youths to engage as citizens and know what its takes and how to go about when performing ones civic duties such as elections within the context of Cameroon.
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Day 2 of Repair 2017/2018
Also saw the powerful Presentation of Mr.Abong Bebey Blaise on the theme:Patronage,Disservice to youths political participation.In his presentation he presented the differences that Exist between a Mentor and a Patron.A mentor is someone ready to accompagny the meentee to attain his vision and his goals,The mentee grows according to his personal vision .Meanwhile in Patronage the Patron;s vision and goals comes before that of the mentee. The mentee grow according to the paste of his Mentor.He therefore concluded by advicing the youths leaders present to accept people who can serve as mentors and not individuals who will patronize their dreams ,goals and visions according to their personal desires
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