Program Coordinator Wins Election to represent Africa on the Leadership Board of the World Youth Movement for Democracy

In February 2016, NewSETA’s program officer Noutcha Prudence Issoy Lubiche, was elected as Africa’s female representative to the Leadership Board of the World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD).  Being a global network of youth activists, the WYMD organizes biannual elections to bring young dynamic youth from different regions of the world to support the development of sustainable democracy movements by empowering the next generation of democracy activists.

Through this platform, WYMD provides a space for young activists to build relationships with each other, to collaborate across borders, to deepen their knowledge on key issues, and to develop practical leadership skills.  Two(2) young democracy activists, below the age of 30 (one male, one female) represent each region on the Leadership Board (Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia; Europe & Eurasia; Latin America & the Caribbean; and Middle East & North Africa). After country endorsements and a vigorous electoral campaign process, Prudence was elected Africa’s Female Representative on the Leadership Board of the World Movement for Democracy.

For the next two years, their mandate is  to  carry out activities to achieve strategic objectives, facilitate local and regional activities for World Youth Day for Democracy,  contribute to WYMD Blog Post, participate in Leadership Board meetings, build regional allies for WYMD collaboration,  increase visibility of WYMD Network, social media and offline outreach. We say Congratulations to her!

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