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The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a private, nonprofit organization created in 1983 in the United States of America (USA) to strengthen democratic institutions around the world through nongovernmental efforts. NED is governed by an independent, nonpartisan Board of Directors. With its annual congressional appropriation, it makes hundreds of grants each year to support pro-democracy groups in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The National Endowment for Democracy currently sponsors NewSETA in the implementation of the REPAIR training series in Cameroon – Central Africa sub region.

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Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All – NewSETA (Host)

The Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All (NewSETA) is a private, nonprofit association created in July 2013 in the Republic of Cameroon to strengthen youth and institutional capacities and actively engage communities in initiatives that improve social wellbeing. We strive to achieve this goal through non partisan research and informational activities, promoting a more stable society by strengthening democracy and peace and empowering youths to be more responsible, creative and actively engaged in nation building.


Rebuilding Peace through Actions with Inclusive Reach – REPAIR

REPAIR is an initiative of the Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All (NewSETA) funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Washington DC – USA. It is an annual youth peace and democracy series intending to deepen young people’s knowledge about peace and democracy while fostering a culture of active youth participation and leadership. Based on the need to promote young people’s active participation in democratic governance and political structures in Cameroon, the REPAIR series supports young activists and organizers as thought-leaders and allies in crafting solutions and new youth-focused approaches to democracy and its challenges in our society. The 2017/2018 REPAIR series will host 40 youth leaders from the ten (10) regions of Cameroon for two (02) semesters, each lasting for three (03) days during which participants shall exchange and build knowledge, skills, and values needed in advancing democracy work. The REPAIR series is knowledge based and activity-oriented, and this year focuses on fostering understanding of Cameroon’s Democratic process, Electoral monitoring, Youth participation, and Leadership. Each participant will have the opportunity to build his or her leadership and organizational skills by carrying out a step down (Pass-it-on) activity in their place of residence or region of origin, as a means of strengthening knowledge of our democratic values among peers. The semesters will involve discussions on important questions of peace and democracy within society and may lead to policy proposals on same issues to relevant stakeholders. Upon the successful completion of the REPAIR series, each participant will be awarded a Certificate as a Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy (Yep) and will serve as a regional focal point for NewSETA, REPAIR alumni, and lead activities on behalf of the World Youth Movement for Democracy in the regions.


Applicants (male or female) interested in the REPAIR series should:

  • Be no older than 30 years of age,
  • Demonstrate strong interest in democratic activism and in the advancement of peace and democracy in their respective communities or nationally.
  • Preferably is a youth leader affiliated with a sector civil society organization. While we will consider applicants who are currently employed by a civil society organization or are graduates, we will request additional information to confirm that the individual is acting on their own in regards to their participation, and that their current employer is flexible with their independent role as a REPAIR attendee.
  • To be eligible to attend the next semester and receive the Certificate, each attendee must (after the first semester) conduct a Pass-it-on (PiO) activity reaching at least 30 youths in their respective regions and submit a report to NewSETA. Certificates are given to individuals only.


Please Note: The 2017/2018 REPAIR series is open to applicants from Cameroon only. REPAIR is not an educational program offering academic courses leading toward a degree. It does not provide funds or any other type of financial aid to graduate students, nor is it designed to finance youth projects/organizations. The program cannot support those seeking to complete professional training programs, attend conferences, or pursue internships at other organizations.


How to Apply

Interested applicants should download the Application form, fill it as required and send to the following address, together with a separate curriculum vitae, and One (1) recommendation letter from one of the referees who should be mentioned on the Application form.  Applicants should only mention the required details of the second referee on the Application form without asking them to write a second recommendation letter for the candidate. Please, direct all questions to the same email address provided above.


Language Requirement

A working knowledge of English and French is an important prerequisite for participation in the REPAIR program for general communication purposes. Some facilitators may prefer to use either of the languages.  All application materials must be submitted in English or French.

Selection Process

Following the application process, participants will be selected by the REPAIR Series Bench at NewSETA. Selection will be based on a set of criteria including:

  • demonstrated activism or interest in the advancement of democracy,
  • a desire to network with others, and
  • a clear explanation of how the program will benefit their own efforts for advancing democracy.


The deadline for application for the 2017/2018 REPAIR series is September 24, 2017. Two to three weeks following the deadline, applicants shall be notified of their status. Selected applicants shall be contacted and provided with further details about the rest of the program of the first semester, to take place in October. Selected candidates shall pay in a one-off registration fee of $30. If for any reason an applicant is unable to attend the program after he/she has been selected, they should please promptly notify NewSETA of this to enable us contact alternate candidates in time. We would not appreciate last minute changes and rushes.

Structure of REPAIR

The two REPAIR semesters shall last three (03) days each and shall include the following:

Semester 1: Main theme – Democracy and youth leadership

Pass-it-on (PiO) activity (conducted within 10 weeks after semester 1)

Semester 2: Main Theme – Youth Participation (including key capacity strengthening clusters)

Policy brief on a topical democracy issue;

Award of Certificates; and

End of REPAIR Season

Pass-it-on (PiO) Activities

Within 10 weeks following the first Semester, each attendee shall conduct a Pass-it-on activity reaching at least 30 youths in their respective regions. They shall treat any of the topics addressed during the REPAIR semester I and are expected to submit reports of their activities, which include pictures or videos, so as to be eligible to participate in the Second semester and receive the Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy Certificate.

REPAIR Support and Services

Accommodation and Meals:

Participant accommodation and meals shall be covered by NewSETA throughout the duration of each semester.


Transportation and Logistics

For the two REPAIR semesters, your roundtrip ticket (Economy only) to and from the venue shall be covered by NewSETA. Please take note that this is not calculated to cover airfares.  Moreover, all refunds shall only happen at the end of the event before your departure. Each attendee should please bring along their boarding pass or transport tickets to complete this process.

NewSETA shall provide attendees with study materials needed for the semester and training manuals for their PiOs.

PiO Bursaries

There is a very competitive bursary available for only up to 10 participants who make the best case why they need funds in order to implement PiOs. Since this amount is limited, applicants must in the application process state how they shall raise funds or other support to implement their PiOs. Applicants are especially encouraged to do so and those with a clearer strategy have more advantage. Take note that those interested must apply for this bursary only after attending REPAIR semester 1 and if eligible, the funds shall be transferred to them when any other pending questions from the REPAIR Series Bench at NewSETA have been adequately responded to.  You shall be advised on how to apply for this funding during REPAIR semester 1.


Each attendee who successfully completes the annual REPAIR series shall be awarded the Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy (Yep) Certificate. We are honoured and pleased to partner with the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education of Cameroon who shall specially endorse each of the certificates to be awarded.


During the REPAIR Semesters, daily sessions shall commence at 8:30 am (after the Stay Alive activity) and end at 6 pm, while the night sessions shall commence at 8 pm after dinner and end at 10 pm (All sessions are compulsory for participants).

Other REPAIR Semester Information:

Stay Alive:

As a way of encouraging healthy living among REPAIR attendees, they shall participate in the “Stay Alive” daily keep fit sessions. Please note that you are to come along with your sporting kit for the exercises. This session just like any other REPAIR session is mandatory for all participants without any exemption. It is usually scheduled for 6:15 am daily.

Participant working groups:

Every REPAIR semester is designed to be interactive and participatory, and attendees are encouraged to contribute in their own personal capacity. During the event, participants shall be free to join a service group of their choice. The major task of the service group is to know the needs of the participants and to pass on the information to the organizers for immediate action. This ensures that participants contribute to the success of the event organizing. The available service groups are; Health group, Social group, and Media/Reporting group

Late Coming/Absenteeism:

NewSETA shall not tolerate late coming or absenteeism at the event. Any participant who comes late to, or absents from session(s) for more than three times during the training shall be asked to leave the event.


Smoking is not permitted in the event venue. If you wish to smoke, please ensure that you move away from the vicinity. For participants who take alcohol, you are also advised not to take alcohol before or during the sessions or you may be asked to forfeit that session.

Health and other contingencies:

You are advised to ensure that you are medically fit to embark on any journey or strenuous movement to attend this event. While we may not insist on medical reports from participants, we advise you to inform us in advance of any special health condition peculiar to you.

NewSETA, NED or the event administrators will not be responsible for any health condition or medical cost that may be incurred during or in the process of attending the REPAIR series. We regret that we cannot provide health insurance cover for our attendees. However, we shall be attentive to administer possible first aid measures and provide information and directives to get necessary medical attention should the need arise.

In addition, participants are encouraged to be very vigilant towards their personal possessions as we shall take no responsibility for any loss of private possessions incurred during or in the process of attending the REPAIR series.



Dressing could be formal or informal, western or traditional, but we suggest that moderation in dressing should guide participants. We strongly advise against dressing in a manner that unduly exposes sensitive body parts at any level.

Special Dress Code:

On the last day of each REPAIR semester we expect every attendee to come out in their traditional local attires to promote Cameroonian culture and Africanism.


Participants shall be served breakfast, lunch and supper daily with a variety of at least two Cameroonian meals throughout each semester.

For information on how to apply please visit this link

We look forward to a fruitful outing with you in Yaoundé, the city of many possibilities!

The NewSETA Team

Download the REPAIR Application form 2017/2018           Download the REPAIR Information Booklet


  1. Interested

  2. I am particularly pleased with this initiative. As a poineer alumni of this program, my skills in building a peaceful environment has changed. It is thanks to this program, i have became a consultant to many young people in my community. Most importantly, i am part of an emerging civil society organization called Unity Foundation Cameroon ( which has as one of its objectives to promote peace and democracy. Thanks to NewSETA. REPAIR IS WORTH ATTENDING.

  3. Highly interested and wish to play my own roll in maintaining peace and security in Cameroon

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