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Overview of the Program

Through the AVEC-LOGOV Training, NewSETA envisions improving capacity for local governance in Cameroon by strengthening capacities of youth leaders and elected municipal officials. It also aims to create innovative platforms for citizen participation and collaboration in local governance. The project builds the capacity of youth leaders on local governance policy and project agenda setting, conception, implementation and evaluation and empower them to utilize the online platforms to enhance accountability in local governance and development in Cameroon. It helps local elected officials appropriate the law on decentralization and nurture skills to mobilize local communities for active engagement and increase participation of young people, women and vulnerable groups in every phase of local policy and project cycles; and consolidates platforms for dialogue and partnerships amongst community youth leaders and between youth leaders and elected officials.

Thematic Focus – Youth Leaders

The two capacity building workshops for youth leaders focus on youth participation in local governance and local policy and project agenda setting, conception, implementation and monitoring. The content of the workshops also include trainings on themes such as profiling the community to map out priority problems faced by youths, social auditing, community mobilization and resident service, blue ocean strategies etc

Thematic Focus – Councilors

The training for Councilors focuses on themes such as: community/citizen engagement, policy facilitation and implementation, personal and professional integrity, gender equity and inclusion, public procurement, strategic planning, service delivery, financial management and budgeting, personal resiliency and development, technological literacy, communication and information sharing.

Structure of Training

Part 1- Youth Capacity Building

The first part of the program consist of the training of Youth Leaders from select municipalities. It involves a 2-day training workshop for 20 youth leaders from the Southwest, West and Littoral Regions, which will be held in the Southwest Region (Limbe); a 2-day training workshop for 20 youth leaders from the Centre, East and Northwest Regions which will be held in the Centre Region (Yaounde). The workshops target municipalities within regions which are affected by Anglophone crisis or are principal destinations of internally displaced people.

Part 2 – Community Mapping

Following the Youth Capacity Building and in Prelude to the Mayor Roundtable, all the Youth Leaders Trained are obliged to carry out a Community Mapping exercises. All Youth Leaders are given two (2) months to carry out this exercise and submit a report to the NewSETA team in charge of the AVEC-LOGOV program. Out of the 40 reports, the best 10 are selected to present findings at the Mayors’ Rountable, which is will be taking place in Part 3 of the program. Their findings inform the Municipal Councilors of the major youth priorities and challenges in the targeted municipalities. They also discuss potential solutions to these challenges and design ways of monitoring the implementation of the remedies implemented.  It is an opportunity for the stakeholders to work closely with each other, share experiences, encourage other young leaders to engage and establish relationships for joint youth participation within their local municipalities

Part 3: Mayors’ Rountable

The third part of the program involves capacity building workshop for several select Local Councils. This is a 3-day training workshop for 22 elected local officials from 12 target municipalities of the Southwest, East, Littoral, Northwest, West and Centre Region. This training will be held in Yaounde Centre Region of Cameroon.

Family photo with Youth Leaders, MINJEC and MINDDEVEL and French Embassy

AVEC-LOGOV Phase 1 & 2 financed by the French Embassy, Cameroon

Youth Leaders out for Community mapping in the neighbourhood of their Training

NewSETA’s Executive Director addresses the Mayors and Municiapal Councillors

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