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The 8th edition of REPAIR comprised two phases, bringing together 40 young people from the ten regions of Cameroon to the capital city Yaoundé, to be enlightened on concepts of democracy, citizen participation and peacebuilding. These themes are relevant amidst the various conflicts in Cameroon, highlighting the need for youths to take up space and massively contribute to peacebuilding efforts. This edition of REPAIR also accentuated the importance for youths to actively take part in decision making processes in the Nation.

The first phase of the 8th edition of REPAIR was a 3-day capacity building workshop which took place from the 22nd to the 24th of February 2023, under the theme Democracy and Elections. This theme was chosen based on the need to widen knowledge and help promote peaceful democratic and electoral practices in Cameroon. Participants were involved in several interactive sessions during the capacity building workshop where interventions came from seasoned experts addressing the theme. Some of the topics that were elucidated in the course of the program were; 

  1. Understanding fundamental concepts in democracy and elections, 
  2. Strategies of effective youth participation in democratic governance,
    3. Understanding the institutional and legal frameworks of elections in Cameroon.   

At the end of the first phase, participants were given the task to pass on what they have acquired to their communities through the “Pass-it-on” (PIO) program. As is the custom in REPAIR, performance of PIOs serve as one’s ticket into the second phase.

The second semester of the 8th edition of REPAIR held from 19th to 21st of June 2023 under the theme CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT AND PEACEBUILDING, which falls in line with the UN resolution 2250 that paves the way for young people to meaningfully participate in peacebuilding processes.  The second phase was designed to encourage and inspire young people to become leaders of today

and take up active roles in peacebuilding and decision-making processes in their various communities. Participants gained an increase in knowledge on the topics presented like;

  1. Understanding the theoretical framework of youth participation,
  2. Techniques of citizen participation,
  3. Transformational leadership.
    The second phase also included a one-day field trip to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) which was aimed at giving these young people a chance to be aware of and leverage on the opportunities that the administration provides for them, even as they advocate for more.
    The last day of REPAIR 2023 featured an outstanding cultural event with participants and staff dressed in colorful traditional attires, exhibiting Cameroon’s rich cultural diversity. The event rounded off with certificates awarded to participants as youth envoys for peace and democracy. Through this program, NewSETA is highly praised for her efforts in grooming young people towards a better tomorrow.