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REPAIR 4th Edition

The Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All Launhes the 4th Edition of the REPAIR Series


Rebuilding Peace through Actions with Inclusive Reach

REPAIR is an initiative of the Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All (NewSETA) funded  by  the  National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Washington DC  –USA.  It is an annual youth  peace and  democracy  series intending to deepen  young  people’s knowledge about  peace and  democracy while fostering a culture of active youth participation and  leadership.  Based  on  the  need  to  promote  young  people’s  active  participation  in democratic  governance  and  political  structures  in  Cameroon,  the  REPAIR  series  supports young  activists  and  organizers  as  thought-leaders  and  allies  in  crafting  solutions  and  new youth-focused approaches to  democracy  and its  challenges  in  our  society.  The  2019  REPAIR series  will  host  40  youth  leaders  from  the  ten  (10)  regions  of  Cameroon  for  two  (02)semesters, each  lasting for three (03)  days  during  which participants  shall  exchange  and  build knowledge,  skills,  and  values  needed  in  advancing  democracy  work.  The  REPAIR  series  is knowledge  based  and  activity-oriented,  and  this  year  focuses  on  fostering  understanding  of Cameroon’s  Democratic  process,  Electoral  monitoring,  Youth  participation,  and  Leadership. Each participant will have the opportunity to build his or her leadership and organizational skills by carrying out a step down (Pass-it-on) activity in their place of residence or region of origin, as a means of strengthening knowledge of our democratic values among peers.  The semesters  will  involve  discussions  on  important  questions  of  peace  and  democracy  within society  and may lead to policy proposals on same issues to relevant stakeholders.  This year, Transparency International Cameroon joins us to implement the series and unpacks the Youth Democracy and Integrity Initiative.  Upon the successful completion of the REPAIR series, each participant will be awarded a  Certificate as a  Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy (Yep) and  will  serve  as  a  regional  focal  point  for  NewSETA,  Transparency  International,  REPAIR alumni,  and  lead  activities on behalf of the  World Youth Movement  for Democracy in the regions.


Applicants (male or female) interested in the REPAIR series should:

  • Be no older than 30 years of age,
  • Demonstrate strong interest in democratic activism and in the advancement of peace and democracy in their respective communities or nationally.
  • Preferably is a youth leader affiliated with a sector civil society organization. While we will consider applicants who are currently employed by a civil society organization or are graduates, we will request additional information to confirm that the individual is acting on their own in regards to their participation, and that their current employer is flexible with their independent role as a REPAIR attendee.

To be eligible to attend the next semester  and  receive the Certificate, each attendee must (after the first semester) conduct a  Pass-it-on  (PiO)  activity  reaching at least 30 youths  in  their  respective  regions  and  submit  a  report  to  NewSETA.  Certificates are given to individuals only.

Please Note:  The 2019 REPAIR series is open to applicants from Cameroon only.  REPAIR is not an educational program offering academic courses leading toward a degree.  It does not provide funds or any other type of financial aid to graduate students, nor is it designed to finance youth projects/organizations. The program cannot support those seeking to complete professional training programs, attend conferences, or pursue internships at other organizations.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should download the Application form, fill it as required and send to the following address newseta@yahoo.com, together with a separate curriculum vitae, and One (1) recommendation letter from one of the two referees who should be mentioned on the Application form.  Applicants should only mention the required details of the second referee on the Application form without asking them to write a second recommendation letter for the candidate. Please, direct all questions to the same email address provided above.

Language Requirement

A working knowledge of English and French is an important prerequisite for participation in the REPAIR program for general communication purposes.  Some facilitators may prefer to use either of the languages.  All application materials must be submitted in English or French.

Selection Process

Following the application process, participants will be selected by the REPAIR Series Bench at NewSETA. Selection will be based on a set of criteria including:

  • demonstrated activism or interest in the advancement of democracy,
  • a desire to network with others, and
  • a clear explanation of how the program  will benefit their own efforts for advancing democracy.


The deadline for application for the 2019 REPAIR series is January 20, 2019. Two to three weeks following the deadline, applicants shall be notified of their status. Selected applicants shall be contacted and provided with further details about the rest of the program of the first semester, to take place in February 2019.  Selected candidates shall pay in a one-off registration fee of $30.  If for any reason an applicant is unable to attend the program after he/she has been selected, they should please promptly notify NewSETA  of this  to  enable us  contact alternate candidates in time.