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REPAIR is an annual youth peace and democracy series intending to deepen young people’s knowledge about peace and democracy while fostering a culture of active youth participation and leadership. Based on the need to promote young people’s active participation in democratic governance and political structures in Cameroon, the REPAIR series supports young activists and organizers as thought-leaders and allies in crafting solutions and new youth-focused approaches to democracy and its challenges in our society. The REPAIR series hosts 40 youth leaders from the ten (10) regions of Cameroon for two (02) semesters, each lasting for three (03) days during which participants exchange and build knowledge, skills, and values needed in advancing democracy work. The REPAIR series is knowledge based and activity-oriented. Each participant is given the opportunity to build his or her leadership and organizational skills by carrying out a step down (Pass-it-on) activity in their place of residence or region of origin, as a means of strengthening knowledge of our democratic values among peers. The semesters involve discussions on important questions of peace and democracy within society and may lead to policy proposals on same issues to relevant stakeholders. Upon the successful completion of the REPAIR series, each participant is awarded a Certificate as a Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy (Yep) and subsequently serves as a regional focal point for NewSETA, REPAIR alumni, and lead activities on behalf of the World Youth Movement for Democracy in the regions.

Applicants (male or female) interested in the REPAIR series must fulfil the following:

  • Between 18 and 30 years of age,
  • Demonstrate strong interest in democratic activism and in the advancement of peace and democracy in their respective communities or nationally.
  • Preferably is a youth leader affiliated with a sector civil society organization.

    Family picture with REPAIR Cohort 9, Semester 1 – October 2023

    REPAIR Participants in Session

    “The informed participation and voice of youth in institutional and social reforms holds major significance. This is why building knowledge, skills and values, is essential in ensuring meaningful participation. If peace and democracy are to thrive in Cameroon, then young people must be those on the frontline leading the quest. If they actively participate in defining the obstacles that stand in the way of lasting peace and democracy, they own the solutions. By creating spaces and processes in which dialogue can take place, consensus can be achieved while priorities can be locally determined. Through ensuring local ownership, we pave the way for the sustainability of our peace building efforts”

    Executive Director, NewSETA
    Convenor of the REPAIR Series


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